Slash Energy Consumption Costs by up to 60%

Data centers consume energy—lots of it. In fact, research shows that data centers can use up to 100 or 200 times the energy of standard office spaces. Usage like that costs serious money. Yet, many companies continue to run their data centers inefficiently and ineffectively. That’s money wasted on heating, cooling, and ventilation—money you could use on other areas of your data center to boost productivity.

Disciplined airflow management cuts energy costs down to size. When combined with an air-side economizer, airflow management can trim energy costs by up to 60%. That’ serious money. Airflow management also can extend equipment life, decrease inlet temperature, and boost CRAC temperature, leading to greater cooling efficiency. Airflow management is a best proven strategy used by managers serious about cutting data center operations costs. 

Two Types of Airflow Situations

Data center managers need to concern themselves with two airflow situations: managing airflow inside a server rack and managing airflow inside a server aisle where racks are not yet deployed. Both situations drive up energy costs. Our blanking panels plug the gaps in your data center server racks and optimize airflow. They also can recirculate hot air exhaust air. They’re proven a low-cost strategy for reducing energy costs.

In-server Blanking Panels

These blanking panels prevent hot exhaust air from mixing with cool conditioned air. Plus, they direct cool air to the equipment that needs it the most. IN-server blanking panels seals gaps within the server rack that waste energy, drive up costs, and hamper cooling efficiency.

Our in-server blanking panels (or filler panels) fit any standard 19” EIA rack, cabinet, or other IT equipment that needs it. Designed for long life, they’re manufactured from strong sheet metal and have a durable power coated finish. They’ll help you cut down on energy usage in applications where you’re looking to close off 1U or 50+U

Server Block Out Panels

Our server block out panels are integral parts of Hot Aisle or Cold Aisle Containment systems. They’re designed for any situation where you need to seal off air in place of servers. They’re ideal for growing data centers where you need to seal off empty sections of Hot or Cold Aisles until you install server racks.

They’re also ideal for situations where you need to remove a server rack for routine maintenance or replacement or have a structural column intersecting your Hot or Cold Aisle but a server rack can’t be placed. We can manufacture these panels to any standard size rack or customized to fit your situation.

Delivers Exceptional ROI

Airflow management doesn’t just cut energy costs and optimize cooling efficiency. It also delivers an exceptional return on investment. It’s among the best investments you can make in your data cater. At Altimir, we’ll design and install airflow management solutions that do everything you want them to, and more.