Boost Cooling Efficiency by up to 40%

Companies install Hot Aisle Containment (HAC) systems to increase data center efficiency and cut power consumption costs. HACs are ideal for both raised floor and hard floor overhead data centers. HAC systems leverages the natural properties of the rising warm air emitted by the company’s servers. HAC systems consists of erecting a drop ceiling over a company’s data center, which uses a chimney plenum or ductwork to create a separate pathway for hot exhaust air to flow. This approach prevents cool air from mixing with hot air. The system then guides the hot air back to the Data Center’s AC unit return system. If the hot air hits the AC unit at the hottest temperature possible, the system can dramatically boost cooling tonnage. When installed correctly, HAC can increase cooling efficiency by 30% or more. HAC can save companies millions in energy costs and reduces their carbon footprints.

Key Benefits of Hot Aisle Containment

Hot aisle containment systems can deliver a wide variety of benefits to a company. 

  • Increases cooling capacity and efficiency
  • Eliminates Data Center hot spots
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Optimizes Data Center equipment performance
  • Increases rack population
  • Boosts equipment/data center uptime
  • Extends hardware life
  • Supports higher-density server applications
  • Eliminates cool and hot air mixing
  • Reduces carbon footprint

Pros of Hot Aisle Containment systems

  • Data Centers open space is a cold environment
  • Usually a more effective way of cooling
  • Excels in most data center environments
  • Provides more surface area for “cold sinks” in case of power/generator failure

Cons of Hot Aisle Containment systems

  • Usually more costly than Cold Aisle
  • Requires contained path to re-circulate air
  • Higher temperatures in hot aisles can create hotter environments for workers

Hot Aisle Containment systems are generally more efficient than Cold Aisle Containment systems and extend run time in the event of cooling system failure. Altimir follows industry-recognized protocols and solutions for installing and maintaining data center best practices.

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