Altimir Data Center Solutions is redefining how companies do data center containment. Altimir designs, fabricates, and installs energy-efficient, custom-engineered server aisle containment systems. It’s known nationwide for its high-quality products, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing. Altimir, a brand of Fulton Technology Corporation (FTC), wants to become a trusted partner for its customers.

Founded in 1999 by Nathan and Jane Fulton, FTC started as a provider of custom machined and fabricated solutions to the manufacturing and construction industries. Incorporated as a woman-owned business in 2004, FTC began designing and fabricating containment systems in 2010. It later branded these products as Altimir Data Center Solutions.

Within a few short years, Altimir became a “go-to” firm for companies looking for ways to increase data center efficiency and cut power consumption costs. We work closely with construction companies tasked with building out data centers worldwide.

Altimir’s containment systems are found in applications around the world and cover millions of square feet of space in data center environments. Unlike other companies that sell products only and then abandon clients, Altimir works closely with facility operations teams to make data center improvements and renovations long after initial installation

About the Company's Name

Altimir’s name comes from a glacier in Antarctica. Named after a settlement in Bulgaria, the glacier is 4.8 kilometers (3.0 miles) long and 5.5 kilometers (3.4 miles) wide. It drains the slopes of the Osterrieth Range on Anvers Island in the Palmer Archipelago, Antarctica. It flows northward to enter Dalchev Cove in Fournier Bay east of Studena Point. FTC chose the name Altimir because data centers are all about keeping things fresh and cool to help reduce costs and boost server efficiency.

Altimir's Products and Services

Altimir uses the latest, most advanced equipment to manufacture and install hot and cold aisle containment systems. Since no two data centers are alike, Altimir builds its containment systems to a company’s exact specifications. It also produces technician services carts designed to boost worker productivity and efficiency, and filler panels (or blanking panels) to control server-level airflow. The company’s services include installing server aisle containment systems, custom-engineered architectural and fabricated products, and CNC machining. To see the rest of the products and services provided by FTC, click here. Backing these products and services is a team of experienced highly skilled technical staff. It provides one-on-one personalized service and post-project maintenance and direction. For installations, Altimir uses experienced on-staff pro-installers and highly skilled, qualified contractors to install containment systems. Plus, the company follows industry-recognized protocols and solutions for maintaining data center best practices. For exceptionally large jobs, Altimir uses professional independent contractors, ensuring that these installations are done quickly and efficiently.